A high-quality wireless tour guide system for 35 CZK/Day

Till May 31 2023 only 30 CZK/Day.

Why choose Prague Whispers

Personal delivery

and technical support

Customer Line
(Mo–Su 8–17)

Technical support via phone.

Delivery in Prague is free

When you rent 25+ devices.

First Czech firm on the market

Working since 2006.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied.

A personal approach

We tailor our services to fit you!

Price list

In the case of rentals for a few weeks or months, personalized conditions are possible. If you are interested in a long-term rental, please contact us.

Day rental

Fitting for short-term rentals

35 CZK

VAT not included

  • 35 CZK per day (VAT not included) for renting one device
  • till May 31 2023 only 30 CZK per day (VAT not included)
  • microphone device for guide is free
  • batteries lasts up to 5 days
  • free delivery in Prague when renting 25+ devices
  • for delivery anywhere in the Czech Republic you pay from 200 CZK (VAT not included)

We supply back-up devices and earphones, spare batteries,
and all equipment is well stored and prepared in special cases.


How you want to organize your event is up to you, and we will deliver the devices
whenever and wherever you prefer.

We work operatively – when delivering in Prague, we can accommodate your schedule and deliver our products personally.


  • Delivery in Prague ** we can be at your place of choosing as early as tomorrow
  • Delivery across the entire CR via courier within 2 days
  • Delivery abroad


  • Prague – free (when renting 25 and more devices)
  • Czechia – 200 CZK (VAT not included)
  • Abroad – we will arrange based on the country of delivery

The Devices

Offer Image


For audience, tourists, etc.

  • Volume control
  • Battery lasts up to 5 days
  • 3.5 mm jack output
  • comes with earphone equipped with a behind-the-ear attachment
  • display with channel indicator
  • display with channel indicator
Offer Image


For the guide

  • Volume control
  • Battery lasts up to 5 days
  • 3.5 mm jack output
  • comes with earphone equipped with a behind-the-ear attachment
  • display with channel indicator
  • LED battery level indicator

Possible uses

for our Tour Guide Systems

Possible uses
  • City tours

    The most common occasion for renting is guided city tours and our system allows for a smooth tour without distractions, offering an exceptional experience. There is an option of many parallel rentals, as our devices have 40 channels.

  • Production lines

    The system offers a comfortable solution for tours in overwhelming and loud manufacture settings, such as production plants, halls, etc. It allows the guiding of a large number of visitors in a noise-filled environment, for instance during visitation days, foreign visits, etc.

  • Museums, galleries and exhibitions

    It may be used during guided tours of various expositions, as it is also possible to connect a pre-recorded text to the device, for instance from your phone, mp3 player, etc.

  • Boat cruises

    You can make a classic boat cruise more exciting with a wireless commentary, as everyone can enjoy the view from the ship without needing to keep close to the guide.

  • Trainings and meetings

    We have much experience with using our devices at various events, such as team building, work meetings, etc.

  • Sports events

    When it is necessary to connect the coach with his players, our communication devices can do the job! They are light, and everyone can wear them while exercising. We have experience, for instance, with training runners, or for orienteering.

  • Bicycle or Segway tours

    We offer the opportunity to comfortably enjoy cruising through the city while listening to the tour guide’s narration.